Front Squat

0:00-12:00 Build to Heavy Single by Feel

12:00-18:00 E2MOM (3x3)

3 Tempo Squats at 74%

Tempo = 2 seconds down, 3 seconds pause in bucket position, up fast


Jedi Wall Ball Trainig Part 2

0:00-2:00 35 Wall Balls

2:00-4:00 33 Wall Balls

4:00-6:00 30 Wall Balls

6:00-8:00 27 Wall Balls

8:00-10:00 25 Wall Balls

Cap work at 1:20 each interval

If you break wall balls you must stop immediately and perform burpees until the 1:20 mark

Same total reps as last week but testing lactate threshold with higher rep requirements. More recovery time also so fight to go unbroken.

Advanced athletes use 30/20 lb Ball