New Powerlifting Cycle! We will start each Monday with a Heavy Pause Front Squat Single by feel followed by Back Squat percentage work. The goal is to continue building positional strength and recruit back muscles for squat power!

0:00-12:00 Build to Heavy Pause Front Squat by Feel (3 Mississippi Count)

12:00-22:00 5x5 Back Squat at 60% . Perform sets E2MOM (every 2 minutes on the minute)

If you don’t know your Back Squat 1RM, start at 70% of your Front Squat. Week 1 should feel “easy” so athletes can deload from last week and focus on proper back squat technique.


3 rounds for time

50 Double unders

25 Wall Balls

10 Burpees

10 minute cap