Midway Zombie Program Test

We’re 6 weeks in and feeling strong! Today you’ll have a chance to see how the zombie squats have strengthened your midline, upper back, and quads!

17 minutes to complete

5 Zombie Squats at 50%

4 Zombie Squatd at 60%

3 Zombie Squats at 70%

2 Front Squats at 80%

1 Front Squat at 85%

1 Front Squat at 90%

If 90% feels good, hit 95%

If you look like a turtle, call it a day on heavies and do 2-3 sets of 3 zombie squats at 70%

If 95% feels good, get fired up and go for 101% and hit that 2-5 lb PR!


2:00 on 1:00 off for 15:00 or until complete


DB Thrusters 50/35 lbs

DB Facing Burpees

Advanced athletes may choose to work nonstop.

All athletes should aim to complete Thrusters unbroken. Win the mental victory and fight to finish each round unbroken! Breathe and move steadily on the burpees.


A Note on our Workouts

The CrossFit Open is 6 weeks away! The workouts we do everyday going forward will be reflexive of movements, loads, and rep schemes that have appeared in the Open over the last 8 years. For example, the last workout of 2011 was the same as the last workout of 2018!

You can register here

We will do all 6 Open workouts in friendly competiton style heats on Saturdays from February 23 - March 23.

Each week will be sponsored and all participants will receive supplement samples and winning athletes will win prize packs!