On DME days we start with daily max effort for weekly prescribe reps. Athletes will pair or triple up to share Barbell based on strength. Athletes should aim to find their daily RM within 3-4 working sets resting 1:30-2:00 between attempts. They should do full 9 reps each working set this week.


DME - 10 Minutes - 9RM Front Squat from the Floor (Scaled from Rack)


Dumbbell DT

5 rounds

12 Deadlift 50/35

9 Hang Power cleans

6 Push Jerks

12 minute cap

135 reps. Need 12 reps per minute to finish under the cap. If your goal is strength, go heavier and try to get through 4+ rounds.

Accessory Work

9 min EMOM

1) 8 Bulgarian split squats right leg

2) 8 Bulgarian split squats left leg

3) 20-30 second Wall Sit