CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity. Each class will start with a fun, dynamic warm up led by our coaches to get you moving. Then we'll dive into movement specific prep for the day's barbell exercise (squat, deadlift, bench press, clean and jerk, snatch, etc). After technique and strength work, we'll attack our workout of the day (WOD) combining barbell, bodyweight, cardio, kettlebells, and more to build lean muscle and burn some serious calories!

Gymnastics CrossFit

These classes will be run like our CrossFit classes, but with a gymnastics focus. Playful, dynamic warmup followed by movement specific prep for a specific gymnastics skill. Pull-ups, muscleups, handstand push-ups, oh my! Coaches will break these movements down and provide progressions so that all members can train based on their skill level! Then the WOD will give you a chance to practice these skills while burning fat and building lean muscle!


Oly Lifting CrossFit

These classes will be run like our CrossFit classes, but with an Olympic lifting focus. Coaches will break down the snatch and clean & jerk with positional patterning and corrective cues. There will be a strength/barbell complex piece followed by a WOD where you'll a chance to practice these lifts at lighter load under fatigue combined with other movements. 


All first time CrossFit members will need to attend these two classes, in which you will learn our foundational barbell and gymnastics movements.

Upon completion of the two class program, you will be ready to take on every class offered at 150 Bay CrossFit!

Free Intro Class

Have a friend or family member that wants to try out 150 Bay CrossFit? Bring them in to join our amazing community of members, coaches, and fitness! In this hour long session, we will go through the fundamentals of CrossFit and then a total body workout that will give them the full flavor of our training system!

Cardio CrossFit

After 3 days of heavy lifting and calisthenics, our bodies need a day to recover. For those who choose not to take a full rest day, Cardio Party is a programmed active recovery workout to get you moving and flush out toxins in your body!

Diapers & Dumbbells

This specialty class is designed for pregnant and postpartum moms! The class will be led by Erin Williams, a Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapist and a Certified Crossfit Level 1 Trainer. The class is focused on safe modifications for moms and soon-to-be moms of all fitness levels. Partners and pre-crawling/pre-walking babies are welcome to join.

Partner WOD CrossFit!

Whether you're recovering from an epic Friday night or getting ready for brunch, we're gonna sweat it out on Saturday mornings! These will always be longer duration team workouts so you'll get solid cardio with built in rest as your partner works!