Andre Crews

andre crews powerhouse crossfit

Why did we choose Andre?

Andre gets it done. He has changed the way many others see fitness, and how it relates to life. He is a striking example of WHAT TO BE in the gym, at home, and in life. His dedication and energy is infectious!


What motivates Andre?

Besides becoming better every day, life motivates him. He carries himself with confidence, passion, and a determination to be his best, every damn day. To be able to make life long connections with clients, coaches, and fellow athletes alike motives him to give his 105%.


What is Andre's biggest challenge in the gym or life?

As he gets wiser in  his programming, he recognizes the importance of rest and the balance between an all out mentality and holding the course. He loves to train hard, sometimes TOO HARD. Wait, is there such a thing?


What is Andre's favorite cheat meal?

If you work hard enough, nothing is a cheat meal! But, seriously, this man can eat. While he loves beef for natural forms of creatine, his cheat entrees include but are not limited to: pizza, whiskey, and anything that was cooked over a fire.


Andre's Personal Mantra/Quote

"We all have one body. Neglect it, and it will neglect you. Carry yourself with dignity, believe in your capacities, and become stronger." 


The Last Word

"CrossFit has changed my life. I used to be an unhappy person. I worked long hours for a job I hated, drank, and felt completely like crap every day, I went through that cycle over and over, until one day I started doing mini metcons for workouts. I loved it. I feel in love with CrossFit, coaching, and human movement, which inspired me to chase my new passions. I quit my job, became educated in fitness and training, and continued to give my all. 

Without CrossFit and the community that it builds, I wouldn't be here today as your coach, leader, and friend."