Move Well. Lift Heavy. Breathe Hard. 

CrossFit at its core is constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity. Members will run, row, bike, squat, jump, climb, pull, push, and lift scaled to each individual's fitness level in infinite combinations and rep schemes. 

No matter what your fitness level, it is imperative that your mobility allows you to move well technically through lifting and gymnastic movements. Warmups, drills, workouts, and cool downs will reflect this.   Every member at 150 Bay CrossFit will become proficient in the snatch and clean and jerk (we'll do each of these at least once per week in class). We will squat, deadlift, and bench heavy once a week. And we will train aerobically in all 3 energy systems!


Programming and Explanation 

Andre Crews is a life long fitness enthusiast and has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2012. In his own personal journey, he has played football, practiced Tae Kwon Do, competed in Endurance races (Men's Health Urbanathalon, Tough Mudder, Super Spartan Race, and Brooklyn Half Marathon), trained in parkour, and competed in CrossFit competitions. In his personal training career Andre has coached a wide spectrum of clientele: CrossFit Games Athlete Maria Vulcano, current and former professional athletes, military and first responders, brides to be, pregnant women, senior citizens, the obese, physical therapy patients and those rehabbing injuries, high stress professionals, those just looking to get in better shape, and even other personal trainers! Through all of these experiences, Andre has mastered the art of writing, demonstrating, and teaching workouts that are fun and challenging enough for SWAT team member, yet scalable to a 70 year old retiree with a bad hip. Andre is also a Certified Coach through Nutrition Precision. Members will not only get exciting and effective workouts, they will also get advice and guidance on healthy eating practices!



150 Bay CrossFit will create and foster a community where members are more than scannable ID cards. Through hard work and physical achievement, members will experience true camaraderie in which they become a family: pushing each other and striving everyday to be better than the day before. And social events like barbecues, movie nights, karaoke, and dance parties will strengthen the bond in less sweaty settings (with the exception of the dance parties).