8 minute EMOM

Clean and Jerk at 75%+

Your choice of split or push jerk

Build by feel but don’t fail! 6 burpees!

MetCon 1

Fibonacci (kind of)

0:00-7:00 to Complete


Deficit HSPU

Deadlift 405/275 lbs

After last set of deadlifts, perform 28 Double KB Overhead Walking Lunges 24/16kg

Score is time completed or total reps at 7 minute mark

MetCon 2



Run to 6th floor

25 Foot HS Walk / 3 Wall Walks

Score: Every 5 feet = 1 Rep

So if you complete 4 full rounds Rx, your score is 20

If you complete 4 full rounds scaled, your score is 12